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All work is carried out in accordance with BS 3998 : 2010 - The British Standard Recommendations for Tree Work

Tree Pruning

Crown Lifting

This technique involves removing the lower part of the crown, usually to give clearance over highways. It may also be carried out to prevent the development of low branches which might otherwise become excessively heavy or attract unauthorised climbing

Crown Thinning

This technique involves the selective removal of branches from the crown in order to reduce the 'sail area'.  This does not have much effect on the overall shape and size of the crown but can help to reduce the stress placed on the main stem and root plate in windy conditions, it can also allow more light and air into the crown

Crown Reduction 

This involves the removal of the outer part of the crown, normally a maximum of 30%, in order to reduce the height and spread of the tree.  By doing this, the natural shape of the crown can be preserved whilst at the same time helping to reduce the 'lever arm' effect of the tree as a whole.  It may also be carried out where a large species is growing in a restrictive space

Crown Cleaning

This involves the removal of dead wood, crossing/rubbing branches and damaged branches from within the crown


This technique involves the removal of either all or part of the crown of a young tree so as to create a particular growth form.  It is only successful with certain species and once adopted requires cyclic cutting of the re-growth 


This technique is regarded as an undesirable practice.  It normally involves the removal of either all or most of the crown, leaving only the bases of the scaffold limbs or even just the main stem.  In comparison to pollarding, topping is usually carried out on mature trees.  However, there may be special circumstances where this procedure may be justified, for example, if a tree of exceptional value could not otherwise be retained in reasonable safety

Formative Pruning

This is carried out on young trees.  It involves the selective removal of branches from within the crown in order to create a sound crown structure for the future

Ivy Removal

In low risk areas ivy can be left undisturbed as it provides valuable wildlife habitat.  In high risk areas where a tree covered in ivy may be vulnerable to wind damage or where the ivy obscures the tree and any possible structural defects it should be removed.  Ivy should not be removed during the bird nesting season

Tree Removal

Sectional Felling

This involves the dismantling of a tree by a climber and with the aid of lowering equipment, usually where space is restricted

Traditional Felling

Where space and site usage allow a tree can be felled in the traditional manner.  This is often carried out using a winch as an aid for controlling the direction of fall

Cable Bracing

Tree cabling is the process of installing support between major tree limbs.  It is carried out where the risk of failure during poor weather conditions threatens man-made structures or the tree itself.  Properly placed support, along with corrective pruning, can greatly reduce the threat of structural failure within most healthy tree species.  It is carried out using the non-evasive 'Cobra®' system

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

This involves the mechanical grinding of the stump to below ground level.  The surface can then be reinstated to match the existing.  The resultant woodchip is usually retained by the customer for use as garden mulch

Chemical Treatment

As an alternative to mechanical grinding, tree stumps can be treated with herbicide to prevent re-growth

Hedge Trimming

We offer a complete hedge trimming service including neglected hedge restoration

Woodchipping Service

We are able to dispose of your brushwood and other green waste with the aid of our woodchipper

Tree Planting 

We are able to offer a complete tree planting service.  This may range from a single amenity tree to a large scale, forestry planting scheme

Herbicide Application

We are fully qualified in the application of herbicides by hand held sprayer.  This is often used to control weed growth around the bases of newly planted trees


We offer a range of consultancy services, including:

  • Tree surveys
  • Individual tree hazard evaluation
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Applications
  • Disease and disorder diagnosis
  • Woodland management
  • General advice

We are fully qualified to assess your trees having achieved accreditation by 'Lantra' in Professional Tree Inspection    

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