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General Info
General Info

The Importance of Trees

Trees are essential to life and their value cannot be overstated.  As they grow they:

  • Contribute immeasurably as part of the landscape or particularly in their own right in urban and rural settings in contributing to people's quality of life and sense of well being
  • Release oxygen for us to breathe
  • Absorb carbon dioxide, thereby helping to reduce the greenhouse effect
  • Filter air and help to reduce other pollutants
  • Provide a range of habitats for wildlife
  • Provide a renewable resource
  • Create aesthetic value improving the appearance or our environment
  • Provide shelter from the wind
  • Help to reduce noise levels
  • Help to reduce everyday stress
  • Provide shade from the sun and make areas more attractive to live and work
  • Positively affect property values

Problems Associated With Trees

With any population of trees there are a number of common sources of complaint including:


  • Overhanging branches
  • Excessive shade
  • Leaf and fruit fall
  • Sticky deposits
  • Obstruction and physical damage

Many of these problems can be dealt with by careful pruning once the tree is established.  However, sometimes the problem is a result of inappropriate species selection in which case more severe remedial work may be required

Trees and Buildings

A common concern for property owners is the potential for structural damage caused through soil moisture extraction by tree roots.  This type of damage only occurs in areas where the soil is heavy, shrinkable clay, which is prone to fluctuations in volume caused by changing soil moisture levels.  There has been a lot of concern about tree roots and foundations in recent years much of which is completely unsubstantiated

The Tree as a Structure

"There is no such thing as a perfectly safe tree".

A tree can be described as a self optimizing mechanical structure.  It is because of this unique form that trees are able to withstand a range of different weather conditions.  Occasionally, in more severe weather conditions, trees or parts of trees can fail, fortunately these events are comparatively rare and should not lead tree owners to take unnecessary pre-emptive action

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